Western Edges Biosciences Stage 1 (Building 125)

The Western Edge Biosciences Building 125 is now open.

For the first time, the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Science, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, and the Faculty of Science coexist in one cohesive building.

Building 125 displays teaching and learning spaces which are implicitly pioneering by design, integrating elements of inter-disciplinary spaces, flexibility in room arrangements, interactive group realms, audio and visually-enhanced teaching and hands-on learning - this world class facility will support the next generation of leaders in the biosciences.

Building 125 Key Facilities

Level 2: 128-seat wet lab and 50-seat physiology dry lab.

Level 1: 140-seat wet lab and 144-seat dry lab.

Ground Floor: 144-seat collaborative learning centre.

Basement 1: 140-seats and an animal anatomy collection.

Basement 2: bicycle end-of-trip facilities, storage and plant.

The laboratory shows students in white coats in a research environment with computers in a pristine environment.

Image credit: Earl Carter

Wet Lab 2 seats 128 and is designed to facilitate biochemistry, molecular biology and pharmacology practicals.

A computer laboratory depicts students using standing desks in the physiology dry laboratory.

Image credit: HASSELL

The physiology dry lab is designed for practicals and workshops, the mobile tables allows the space to be converted.

An enclosed room displays pieces of animal anatomy with a study table featured in the middle.

Image credit: Sarah Fisher, University of Melbourne

Immersing students through the study of animal anatomy in a space where the collection can be examined by touch and sight.

Student sit around a table examining a computer screen in groups with a arrangement that is similar to dedicated pods or sections.

Image credit: Sarah Fisher, University of Melbourne

Group learning is encouraged with collaborative spaces seeking to cultivate scientific discussion facilitated by tutors.

Ground level displaying a grand and modern space for students to meet.

Image credit: Adrian Vittorio

The natured-based design incorporates timber-lined walls and a sweeping timber staircase connecting to informal learning spaces.