An energetic spine for the campus

Tin Alley began as a residential shortcut in the 1880’s through the University grounds when Parkville residents found it more convenient to cut through the University to reach the shops in Carlton.

Traditionally a key service road, Tin Alley remains an important access point into and through the campus between Swanston Street and Royal Parade.

Its redesign and development will invigorate the laneway as an energetic spine for the campus; as a place vibrant with activity and rich with ceremonial spirit and tradition. The creation of a shared path, connections to secret green pockets and attractive entrances alongside regular events will create a walk for all to enjoy.

Social & Cultural Significance

Importantly, Tin Alley has a key role in respecting the Indigenous history of the University of Melbourne.

A significant portion of Tin Alley is included in Billibellary’s walk, a self-guided walk that provides a cultural interpretation of the Parkville Campus landscape from an Indigenous Australian perspective.

The walk is named after the Ngurungaeta, clan head of the Wurundjeri people at the time of Melbourne’s settlement and was developed through consultation with Murrap Barak, Melbourne Institute for Indigenous Development at the University of Melbourne.

The North Court sitting between Tin Alley & Union House has been the location for Wominjeka which is the formal Wurundjeri Welcome to Country held at the start of the academic year.

Quality Experiences

By creating a shared street in the redesign of Tin Alley, this will make a space that is shared by all users with pedestrians given the highest priority of use.

A curated program of events and community activities such as fitness groups, pop-up picnics and free barbecues will accentuate the vibrant, dynamic nature of the redesigned Tin Alley.

A Culture of Inclusion

The connections through the Parkville Campus will be far-reaching, encouraging people to explore various routes through Tin Alley.

Whether it is an understated entrance to a garden, an event around Union House or a class at Melbourne University Sports, a redesigned Tin Alley will connect the people and places of Parkville together.