The Parkville Campus Guiding Principles

The Parkville campus community has identified seven themes that form the guiding principles for the Campus Development Framework.

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  • Improve building and place identification
  • Strengthen campus story and connection to place
  • Make cultural diversity more visible on campus
  • Embrace qualities that make the Parkville campus distinctive and renowned


  • Increase ease-of-access to spaces and places across the campus
  • Improve connectivity between and within buildings – horizontal and vertical
  • Provide for more practical patterns of movement and navigation around the campus


  • Encourage a holistic approach – from waste to renewable energy
  • Enhance campus biodiversity and environmentally friendly buildings
  • Support a more ecological lifestyle on campus – from food options to packaging


  • Refurbish, adapt and celebrate historic buildings and spaces
  • Create opportunities to learn about our heritage and the past
  • Enhance the North of Grattan experience through cultural and architectural heritage clusters


  • Enable Indigenous and cultural concepts to inform campus design
  • Consider better use of natural light and adaptation of existing spaces
  • Continue to embrace modern and innovative building design to meet evolving needs


  • Spread the range and awareness of services and amenities from North to South
  • Provide more shelter and protection from weather in public areas
  • Ensure power points, shops and services meet demand
  • Ensure lighting – internal and external – supports a safe environment


  • Foster a diversity of experiences that are distinctive and fun
  • Maintain the village feel of the campus as the population grows
  • Create environments for cross-cultural connection and interaction
  • Plan for the increasingly diverse needs of students, staff, parents and visitors

What do you think of the principles so far?

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