The Parkville Campus Core Values

The Parkville campus community has identified characteristics that form ten core values for the Campus Development Framework.

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Open and green spaces

Nurture and enhance open and green spaces in innovative ways.

Heritage and modern mix

Maintain and interconnect the mix of heritage and modern buildings and characteristics.

Social, health and wellbeing spaces

Embed a range of social, health and wellbeing programs and spaces campus-wide.

Cultural diversity and creative life

Respect and activate cultural diversity and creative life within the campus setting.

Access to flexible spaces

Ensure access to flexible spaces to study, work, connect, play and collaborate.

Small, everyday needs

Focus on the small, everyday needs for staff and students as well as the big gestures.

Safe, open and inclusive

Ensure a safe, open and inclusive campus by day and night.

Sustainable and ecological practices

Embed sustainable and ecological practices across all activities.

Sense of beauty and functionality

Achieve a sense of beauty and functionality throughout the campus.

Aboriginal and TSI narrative

Celebrate and express physically and prominently our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander narrative on campus.

What do you think of the values so far?

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