September Update

At the conclusion of Stage One of the Master Plan, our consultant has discerned an approach that will be the foundation of further design development in the coming months. Broadly speaking the Master Plan proposes that the System Garden will be:

  • An important learning and teaching aid
  • A significant scientific resource
  • An essential and unique component of the Parkville open space offering
  • A key component of the campus sustainability strategy
  • A place for indigenous connection
  • Comprised of layers that reveal the history of the University and the history of Natural sciences.

A layout has been proposed that reinforces the garden’s special place in the suite of campus open spaces or ‘courts’. This proposal addresses many of the issues that are seen as critical to a positive outcome, such as:

  • the sub-class beds that were recently lost to the WEBS development will be re-instated
  • Scientific links with other allied gardens and institutions will be strengthened
  • The pleasure ground function of the garden will be improved, providing better connected social space
  • Interpretation will be improved
  • The legibility of the space will be improved.