MREP Construction commenced

Construction has commenced on the Crowlands Wind Farm as part of the Melbourne Renewal Energy Project (MREP).

To celebrate the commencement of construction of the Crowlands Wind Farm, the Acting Lord Major (ALM) Arron Wood, along with the MREP team and Pacific Hydro Executive Team visited the Crowlands site for a plaque unveiling as well as community engagement activities.

The Crowlands Wind Farm is part of the Melbourne Renewal Energy Project a City of Melbourne led project to develop a new 80 MW Wind Farm.

The wind farm is located in the agricultural community of Crowlands, 205kms from Melbourne, and is owned and operated by Melbourne based clean energy company Pacific Hydro. The power will be supplied by its retail arm, Tango Energy.

Based on the purchase of 88 GWh of energy, the Crowlands Wind Farm will save the University 96,000 tonnes of CO2 each year; and because Crowlands will produce more electricity than the MREP group needs, the total carbon savings will be even greater.

Check out the slideshow below for images of the Crowlands Wind Farm construction commencement celebration with ALM Arron Wood, the MREP team and the Pacific Hydro Executive Team.