Climate Adaptation and Resilience

Our Climate is changing and becoming more variable, with impacts ranging from inconvenient to fatal.

The University of Melbourne has a responsibility to understand and manage the potential impacts of climate change on our students, staff and assets, as well as an opportunity to help the community through our action, teaching and research.

As part of our commitment to develop and implement Climate Adaptation Plans for each University Campus by 2020, we are currently developing a Climate Resilience Framework. This framework will draw together our work regarding climate change impacts in terms of teaching, research and University operations, allowing us to more effectively plan for climate change and support others in doing so.

The framework is being built around three pillars:

  • Understanding potential impacts for ourselves and our communities, and opportunities to improve resilience. This includes developing climate change projections that are meaningful to the decisions being made, and embedding climate change considerations into project risk assessments and the University‚Äôs Enterprise Risk Management System.
  • Collate, communicate and celebrate current activities and examples of best practice in education, research and implementation of climate change resilience. This includes preparing lists of subjects teaching about climate resilience, relevant research projects and outputs, and current ways that the University manages climate-related risks.
  • Exploit windows of opportunity created by existing and planned projects to achieve better climate resilience. This includes embedding climate change considerations into campus planning, major construction projects and potential partnership with the City of Melbourne regarding the Elizabeth Street Catchment, Adaptation in the City and Urban Forest.