Further embedding sustainability into the University's core

Sustainability is deeply embedded in everything we do at the University of Melbourne. Our Sustainability framework - Charter, Plan and Report - articulates our commitment and enables us to implement new ways of governing and operating our organisation in a warming world.

Our commitments are deliberately ambitious and represent our strengthened commitment to lead and act on sustainability challenges. We acknowledge the seriousness and urgency of the threats posed by a changing climate and fully support a lower emissions future. Our efforts focus on the integration of research, teaching and engagement, governance and operations. We aspire to develop our campuses as models of resilient communities.

Through extensive consultation with our community, we have developed a:

  • Sustainability Charter setting out our high level principles, values, and commitments.
  • Sustainability Plan to 2020, outlining priority actions and targets required to achieve the Charter commitments.
  • Sustainability Report that communicates annually the University's main sustainability impacts, and measures progress towards the Plan targets and actions.

Our journey


Our Target Highlights

Get Involved!

We consulted widely with students, staff, and the community to develop the Sustainability Plan, and the passion for sustainability in our community was made perfectly apparent.

We are grateful to everyone who took part in those conversations, and now invite you to join us in our implementation journey. Achieving the targets of the Plan demand holistic actions across the organisation, and together we must work to meet these goals.

There are a number of ways to get involved including by becoming a Sustainability Advocate and joining the Green Impact Program. If you are a student there are also a number of clubs and groups you could join, such as Melbourne University Communal Garden and Fossil Free Melbourne University, for example.

Visit the Sustainable Campus website for more information.

If you would like to be kept up to date with these and other opportunities, sign up to the Sustainable Campus newsletter below.


Our Campus in the 21st century (OC21) was developed by the University community in a series of workshops that explored the qualities wanted across all campuses and precincts. It is the formal response to the University of Melbourne’s strategic plan Growing Esteem and is integral to how the University will plan for the future, and to developing high-quality campus-based experiences for diverse communities.

Our Sustainability Commitment will support our campus in the 21st century through the following:

Synergy and Innovation

With increasing challenges of the 21st century, our Sustainability Commitment will ensure we remain at the heart of synergy & innovation as a public-spirited thought-leader in the community. This must not just be reflected in our research and curriculum but throughout all activity areas of the University of Melbourne.

Through the implementation of the Sustainability Plan, the University of Melbourne will be an even greater exemplar and leader in sustainability.

A Culture of Inclusion

Our Sustainability Commitment includes all of the community's opinions having designed and consulted in collaboration with students, staff, alumni and the wider community.

Public forums on the Sustainability Plan and investments have been held in May and August 2016 respectively. There are also working groups for the consultation with staff and student representation on each of the activity areas: Research, Governance, Teaching & Learning, Engagement and Operations.