The University has experienced significant growth at the Parkville campus over the past two decades, with over 40% of the University’s students and staff now based south of Grattan Street.

In response to this, plans for a new Student Precinct are underway ­– one that will improve the student experience by concentrating student services and activities closer to the heart of the campus.

The Precinct will be a vibrant centre of activity where all students have access to social, cultural and community opportunities. It will also be the home of student-led organisations the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) UMSU International and the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and their associated services, spaces and activities, providing students with greater ease of access to events and facilities.

The Student Precinct will be defined by Monash Road to the north, Grattan Street to the south, Swanston Street to the east and the Melbourne School of Engineering (MSE) Precinct to the west; and incorporates seven University of Melbourne buildings. It will neighbour Carlton Connect and will be easily accessible to the Metro Rail upon its completion.

Co-creation will be the cornerstone of this exciting initiative, with the end-user ­­– our students – partnering with the University as active contributors, decision makers and owners of the Student Precinct Project.

Have your say

We will be seeking input from students throughout the Project. Find updates on the co-creation process here.

Co-creation updates

In our most recent survey you were invited to share your thoughts about our proposed new Student Precinct and go in the running to win one of five $100 visa gift cards.

This 10-minute survey sought your feedback to ensure that a new precinct for student-focused services, activities and facilities is co-created with the people that will use it most – our students.

This survey is now closed.

The survey: Independent Market Research company Nature have developed this survey to understand what our students currently do on the Parkville campus and what they would like to do in a new Student Precinct. This survey is also an anonymous chance for students to have their say about proposed design concepts for a new Student Precinct.

Eligibility: To be eligible to complete this survey you must be a current University of Melbourne student.

Prizes: Students who complete this survey will go in the running to win 5 x cash prizes of $100.

6 March 2017

We will be seeking input from students throughout the Project. Here's a snapshot of what you've told us so far.

"A sense of connection leads to a sense of belonging and community. The University has a really good opportunity to develop this idea within the new Student Precinct.”

“We need natural light and nature integrated. It’s really important for my mental health.”

“As a leading global university we need to show we’re sustainable”

“The Precinct should be a place where everyone feels welcome… with warm, relaxed options for public and private existence.”

“You always know where to go next. There would be clear directions – signs and marks on the ground - and a cohesive flow throughout the buildings.”

“It’s a great idea to have somewhere relaxing… Sometimes I just want to rest between lectures.”

“We need places to showcase the talent of students around the campus!”

20 February 2017

Our Campus in the 21st Century

Our Campus in the 21st century (OC21) was developed by the University community in a series of workshops that explored the qualities wanted across all campuses and precincts. It is the formal response to the University of Melbourne’s strategic plan Growing Esteem and is integral to how the University will plan for the future, and to developing high-quality campus-based experiences for diverse communities.

The Student Precinct Project will support our campus in the 21st century through the following:


World-class facilities will complement existing heritage buildings, whilst mobile and digital technology – tailored to student’s needs – will be integrated into the Precinct space.


The new Student Precinct location was carefully thought through to ensure that the student experience will be optimised. The Precinct will be flanked by Carlton Connect and the Science Gallery, the Metro Rail and existing University services like Stop 1. In addition to this, University services, clubs, associations and societies will call the Precinct home.


The Student Precinct will boast food and beverage facilities that students can enjoy at their own convenience. Communal spaces and a suite of activities, events and initiatives will encourage interaction and provide an outlet for student wellbeing.


A key feature of the Precinct will be simplifying the way students navigate the space. Navigating easily through the Precinct to access services and facilities will be a key design feature. In addition to its primary audience the Precinct will invite the community in; providing cultural events, experiences and interactions.


Outdoor and green spaces will be central to the design of the new Student Precinct, responding to both OC21 commitments and students aspirations for the space. Co-creating these spaces with students from faculties including Horticulture, Architecture and Urban Design will be central to the planning process. The refurbishment of existing buildings to better cater to today’s students needs will also be a core aspect of the Student Precinct Project.



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