Connecting Parkville

The Melbourne Metro Rail Project will connect the Parkville campus to the entire Victorian railway system for the first time. It will bring more people to our campus and the area and provide more commuting options for our 10,000 or so academic and professional staff and the 70,000 students we estimate will be at the University when the project is complete.

The new metro station just outside Gate 10 on Grattan has the potential to grow Parkville campus exponentially and in surprising new directions.

Whilst there will be some medium-term losses in amenity with the closure of Grattan St for works, the social and economic uplift that a development of this scale will have on the University and its Parkville neighbours will have clear benefits for everyone.

Synergy and Innovation

The University of Melbourne’s Parkville campus is part of one of the world’s largest biomedical precincts which is already of immeasurable value to the community.

The Melbourne Metro Rail Project will improve connectivity to the University’s cultural, health and policy precincts with the city & surrounding suburbs, generating greater collaboration with industry and driving more innovative collisions of ideas.