our vision

The new Food and Retail Strategy will create an engaging campus offering that is healthy, innovative, diverse and sustainable. It will foster partnerships that share similar values in delivering an enhanced campus experience for students, staff and visitors alike.

Refreshing our campus

The University has consulted with students, staff and visitors to produce its first integrated food and retail strategy to guide a better range of food options and retail spaces and meet the changing needs of our campus communities.

The strategy provides a coordinated vision for food and retail offerings across all University of Melbourne campuses through a fresh approach to diverse and flexible food choices, retail experiences and associated activities.

At the Parkville campus, the strategy will guide how food and retail spaces are positioned in relation to the city’s main streets, laneways and hidden spaces so that the planning, delivery and ongoing management of activities is smart and sustainable. The strategy will inform the future development of our campuses and precincts, ensuring the private partnerships, social enterprises and tenancy processes are aligned with the University, the City of Melbourne and the community’s goals.

At the heart of the strategy is how food and retail offerings can enhance the quality of the campus experience for students, staff, visitors and the professional community and neighbours who frequent the campus around the clock. The strategy will consider a variety of experiences and expectations – whether it be grab and go, a study break and coffee, a place to socialise over lunch or network after hours.

The strategy will ensure a seamless variety of café and dining experiences, from specific health or food requirements (like gluten-free or vegan eating) through to more formal or informal settings. The placement of café’s, pop ups, grab & go's, communal rooms, and facilities and services (such as ATM’s, hairdressers and convenience stores), will be considered in relation to how people move from one place to another as they socialise, meet and take a break between study or work activities.