We are transforming our campuses for the 21st century and we want your input.

As well as being the home of first class research and over 45,000 students, our campuses are interconnected parts of the communities in which they are found. Through engagement, infrastructure, research and teaching and learning, we have an impact on the culture and educational experience of everyone who comes in contact with the university.

We developed the OC21 Framework with direct input from our community to better understand the diverse needs of everyone who connects with our campuses, whether at Parkville, Southbank, Burnley, Creswick, Dookie, Shepparton or Werribee. Through this framework we are committed to delivering the themes of technology and tradition, synergy and innovation, quality experiences, spaces and places, and a culture of inclusion.

Why your voice is important

Our campuses are built to serve our community.

We want your feedback in order to learn more about how you use our campuses and how research, learning, social and public environments can better meet your needs. We all have a role to play - planners, governments, business partners, local communities, students and staff.

We'll continue to work with you as we move towards a shared vision for our campus in the 21st century.

Here at ourcampus.unimelb you’ll find information about our campuses as well as current projects and initiatives ranging from galleries, research and teaching infrastructure, precinct developments, and community and partner engagements.

You’ll also have the opportunity to have an input into the projects that matter most to you.


Each project represents different aspects of the vision for our campus in the 21st century. When projects are open for submissions and feedback you’ll have the opportunity to directly connect with project teams to help shape our campuses and community. You’ll also be able to view updates and information about each project and explore what’s happening next.

  • What happens to the information I provide?

    All comments, feedback, submissions and ideas are sent directly to each project team for use on the project you are engaging with. This information will be used to inform project planning, decision-making, communication and reporting.

  • Is my privacy protected?

    Yes, your privacy is protected through the University’s Privacy Policy and the privacy policy of our moderators Harvest Digital Planning. Any information submitted will be used only in relation to the project on which you submitted your comments and will not be shared with other groups within or external to the university.

  • How are comments moderated?

    Comments and submissions are moderated on behalf of the University by Harvest Digital Planning in line with our Moderation Policy. Moderators will not edit or change your comments or submissions.