Supporting our growing student population at Parkville

The University’s commitment to student accommodation, as detailed in the Growing Esteem 2015 – 2020 Strategy, is framed by the Melbourne Accommodation Program (MAP), which seeks to provide 6000 safe, affordable and quality student accommodation places within walking-distance of the Parkville campus by 2020.

There are currently 3188 beds available for students at either campus colleges or at the Leicester Street accommodation facility. Via MAP, the University will add around 3000 beds between now and 2020 through a range of projects including the University College extension as well as new beds at University owned sites at Royal Parade, Bouverie Street, Carlton Connect and Lincoln Square.

The MAP responds to the Growing Esteem strategy through the design and development of accommodation facilities that consider both the heritage and tradition of the University as well as the ecological impact it will have. The accommodation spaces will provide students with the opportunity to interact, collaborate and innovate with peers of similar and different interests and experiences.